You find that the majority of public toilets are dirty? The seat is full of germs? Each time you make your own paper protection with pieces of paper who don’t stay in place?

SANICAP ™ is the new germs-free barrier protection that you need. Get one and never leave without it !

Quick and easy to use

Open the package, pull out a SANICAP™, snap the 3 points and place the center cutout forward on the seat. Like this you keep your rear safe.

Germs-free barrier protection

The public bathrooms can sometimes frighten more than one. Or you simply do not want go there by preferring to wait until the house! SANICAP ™ offers a germs-free barrier protection for children and adults alike.

Fast dissolving

SANICAP ™ made of 100% virgin pulp, dissolves completely in contact with water, avoids clogging pipes.

Never leave without him !

You care about your hygiene as well as those of your children? THEN make it a habit to have SANICAP ™ for all your travels, whether in the restaurant, office, shopping mall, hospital, grocery, gym, the airport, the plane, the hotel, the cinema ... the places are endless.


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Our format

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A simple use!

how to use SANICAP in 4 steps

Where to buy SANICAPTM?

Find SANICAP ™ product in one or more different section in your nearest retailer. If your retailer does not have it, ask him to call his wholesaler right away.

Become a distributor

Our program to become a distributor for SANICAP ™ products is easy and simple.
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